We created an experience for Discovery viewers to come and interact with the brand and also to partake in the filming of an Antiques Roadshow type programme presented by John Suchet. A ‘Life on the Home Front’ theme gave visitors a chance to experience what day-to-day life was like for people living in wartime Britain. Music, film, interactive exhibits, and memorabilia were all used to recapture the spirit of wartime England.


The living exhibits
Real memories were sourced from the BBC memory archives and used as the basis for each character, we then ran a day’s improvisation workshop with the actors  to work out relationships between characters.

The zones
Interactive exhibits with original artifacts, archive TV footage  & ambient sound effects that added to the atmosphere. The propositions of Got To Know was supported throughout with small boxes that opened in different ways to reveal in-depth information on the relevant zone subject.


A good day had by all
The WWII Experience campaign took Discovery Channel out in to the regions and directly touched the public in an impactful and memorable way. It allowed the public to fully experience the Discovery brand and created a positive message for them to take home and pass on.

Research at the events showed over 70% of visitors said they would be more likely to watch the Discovery Channel.

Total reach for WWII Experience campaign = 7,034,950*

*Includes footfall at events, PR coverage, marketing ads and WWII programming